Workshop Calendar, Training Options & Services

  • SPECIAL OFFER - End Of Year Social Media Audits

    Which Social Media Audit Is Right For Your Business?
    Click here to learn about the different types of social media audits I offer.  From a quick tidy up of profiles and accounts right through to in-depth social media analysis.


    For those who aren’t so keen on group learning environments I also offer 1-2-1 coaching either here in Harrogate (the cheapest option) or I can come to you.

    This type of training can be in the form of 2 hour sessions, half days, full days or you can book a series of 6 x 2 hour training sessions which can be spread across 12 weeks allowing you to learn at your own pace, go away and put into practice what you have learned and then return with questions and learn some more.  This type of learning works very well especially for the absolute beginner.

    If you would like to know more about these bespoke training sessions then please email me at rachel@rachelmooresocialmedia.com or cal me on 01423 529 708 | 07904 007 660.


    Corporate in-house, 1-2-1, group or team training is also available.  This type of training can be specifically tailored to suit your company requirements rather than being more generic as with the live workshps.

    If you would like further information on these types of training please either email me on rachel@rachelmooresocialmedia.com or call me on 01423 529 708 | 07904 007 660